Over 30 years of experience covering a wide background in various Engineering, Manufacturing, and IP areas.
We have worked in various business segments such a Defense, Aerospace, Consumer Electronics, Industrial Products, and Medical Devices.

We have done extensive work in remote access, water treatment applications, handheld data collection devices, LIDAR systems, Active RFID, Ankle worn transmitters, Optical sensors, Satellite transceivers, Cell phone detectors, Flow sensors, Chemical dispensers for laundry- warewash- dairy farms, general agriculture, M2M & IIoT applications, Civil Air Patrol beacons, Radar detectors, Aircraft braking, AC-DC-BLDC motor designs, 802.11 systems, Discrete RF transceivers, LNA, SAW, VCO's, Embedded Antennas, and various Filter designs.

The Founder and CTO has over 20 granted patents and 6 more pending, covering RF/MW/IIoT, Optics, and Fluid detection technologies.

We can help in research projects, patent work around, concept designs, technology paths, and innovations.

Technology Research

  Patent Searches

  Feasibility Studies

  Proof of Concepts

  Ideation sessions

  Patent WORK arounds

  General R&D activities
  Design input

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