RFTronix is a Research and Design firm specializing in the Concept Engineering area, including prototyping and IP research.

We are a small but nimble operation that has low overhead which makes us quite flexible and easy to work with.
We have over 35 years of engineering, operations, manufacturing, and international product sales experience over a broad technology base.

Among other technical areas, we specialize in RF/MW/Wireless/IIoT design work which we are named inventors on dozen's of patents. ​

Some of the technology areas that we have worked with include the following examples:
Electronics, Electro Mechanical, Optics,

Sensors, Detectors, Wireless, Long Term Battery Operation,

Air bladders, Fluid Flow, Temperature, Remote alarms,

Conductivity, Telemetry, Asset Tracking, Active RFID,

Embedded Transceivers, Antenna Designs, LIDAR,

Data Logging, various fluid pumping technologies,

HMI development, Fluid Level Detection,

Home Incarceration devices, Motor Controllers,

Power Line Communication, Data Network Integration,

Turbidity sensors, UV probes, Energy Harvesting,

Air-Sea search & Rescue beacons, Down Hole Well Communications,

Satellite Transceivers, LO's, VCO's, RF/MW circuits and subsystems,
vehicle ignition interlock systems, alcohol countermeasures and detection systems, etc...

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